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John Stringer: Composer & Conductor

Moody trees



Against the Shadows  (8')

solo contra bass clarinet



Disquiet III (10')

harpsichord solo


Pansori (10')

viola and piano

Ching-han Lin (vla), Jin Hyung Lim (pno)

National Centre for Early Music 06.06.17

Tenebrae (10')

cl hn vln vla vcl pno

Daniel's Beard

Aberdeen, UK

Aberdeen Sound Festival 17.11.12

Disquiet II (10')

solo piano

Joseph Houston

London, UK

St Martins in the Fields 19.10.12

Tondal's Vision (14') sax

Chimera Ensemble, James Mainwaring (sax) John Stringer (cond)

York, UK

Sir Jack Lyons Concert Hall 22.06.12

Lamentoso (10') (2012)

2 sopranos, i alto + improvising musician


Nocturnal (12')

bsn, guit, vcl

Pascal Gallois, Magnus Andersson, Rohan de Saram

Buffalo, USA

Slee Hall, Center for 21st Centuey Music 23.09.10

Disquiet I (13')

solo piano

Noriko Kawai

Rome, Italy

Hungarian Cultutal Institute 13.10.09

Lied (12')

solo cello

Matthew Barlow

York, UK

National Centre for Early Music 05.06.07

Drill (10')

oboe and percussion

New Noise

York, UK

Sir Jack Lyons Concert Hall 05.05.07

Fall of the Rebel Angels (12')

percussion quartet and sax quartet

4Mality Percussion Quartet & Apollo Saxophone Quartet

York, UK

Sir Jack Lyons Concert Hall 21.01.03

Invention II (10')

vln, vcl, pno

Black Hair

Aviero, Portugal 05.05.02

Signals (6')

solo oboe

York, UK

John Stringer

Sir Jack Lyons Concert Hall 08.05.02

Shadowthreatened (12') sax/

De Ereprijs, Wim Boerman (cond)

Apeldoorn, Netherlands 11.12.01

Harlequin's Carnival (9')

1.1.1.bcl.1/ perc/pno/guit/

New Music Group, Johnj Stringer (cond)

Sir Jack Lyons Concert Hall 22.06.01

The Shifting Point (9')

viola and piano

Daniel Shilladay (vla)

Birmingham, UK

Barber Institute, Birmigham University 21.05.01

Velocity (3')

solo clarinet

Lenny Sayers

Manchester, UK

Royal Northern College of Music 10.10.00

123 (6')

2 violins and clarinet

Daniel Edgar, Nia Lewis, Mark Thompson

York, UK

Sir Jack Lyons Concert Hall 14.03.00

Hinterland (9')

picc/cl double bcl/pno/vln/vcl

PM Ensemble, Cardiff Michael Rafferty (cond)

York, UK

Assembly Rooms, York

Getting Even (6')

horn and piano

Andy Saunders (hrn), John Williams (pno)

York, UK

Recital Room, Music Department 08.06.99

All the Gold of Night (16') perc/strings

Orchestra of Opera North, Elgar Howarth (cond)

York, UK

Sir Jack Lyons Concert Hall 29.04.99

Burlesque (12')

Black Hair, Roger Marsh (cond)

York, UK

York Arts Centre 16.11.97

Invention (6')

cl, trbn, pno

Roger Heaton, Barrie Webb, Stephen Pruslin

York, UK

York Arts Centre 21.06.95

Flight (8')

BBC Symphony Orchestra, Alan Hacker (cond)

London, UK

Royal College of Music  30.08.95

Dance Fragment (6')

Philharmonia Orchestra, John Stringer (cond)

London, UK

Royal Festival Hall 11.03.95

On the Edge (8')

ob, cl, bsn, pno

Ensemble Corrente, Stefan Asbury (cond)

London, UK

St Cyprian's Church 94

Breaking Through (8')

fl, cl, pno, perc, vcl

Basel Soloists, Gwyn Pritchard (cond)

Huddersfield, UK

HCMF 26.11.94

Beyond (12)

solo cello

Helen Thatcher

London, UK

BMIC 22.04.93

Everything Runs After (12) saxes/ perc/pno/bass guit/double bass

UYSO, John Stringer (cond)

York, UK

Sir Jack Lyons Concert Hall


Light in the Light First Image (7)

11 strings  (

Goldberg Ensemble, Malcom Layfield  (cond)

Huddersfield, UK

HCMF 23.11.92

Movement Towards an Natural Place (7)

cello and piano

Verity Sharp (vcl), Tom Armstrong (pno)

York, UK

Sir Jack Lyons Concert Hall 06.12.91


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