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John Stringer: Composer & Conductor

Moody trees




The first music in this collaborative  work between Sarah Watts and  Sheffield creative agency Peter and Paul about endangerd species, is an extract from my work for contrabass clarinet (starting at 7.11)  . It was first performed at Sheffield's Festival of the Mind  in 2020

PANSORI (2017)


This duo's starting point was the relationship between

characters in the Korean theatre Pansori. Although there is no link to Korean music per se, some of the emotional gestures and,

at times, the relationship between piano and viola consider aspects of the theatrical form of Pansori. It was written at the

suggestion of pianist Jin Hyung Lim. in 2017.



The second of three pieces that consider musical fragments. Pessoa's Book of Disquiet was an initial inspiration and the first piece was a set of four short movements for piano; this

second work again utlises small fragmentary sections,

but they are connected to create a narrative.  The first

performance was given by Joseph Houston in London.

SIGNALS (2002)


Signals  became part of a volume of works for solo oboe edited by John Stringer and Melinda Maxwell. The volume was launched in York, but there was a short series of classes at the RNCM, Manchester where some of the works were discussed.



John Stringer conducting the Chimera Ensemble

in the UK Premiere of Tristan Murail's seminal work.

Recordings of Signals, Nocturnal, Drill, Hinterland, Fall of the Rebel Angels and Shadowthreatened are available on Soundcloud

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