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John Stringer: Composer & Conductor

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Pansori CD Release (12.08.19)


Ching-Han Lin and Jin Hyung Lim's recording of Pansori for viola and piano was released on the CMRC (York) label. Included on the disc are pieces by Roger Marsh and Iasng Yun. It will be available on Amazon.

Shu-Yu Lin Premiere (07.06.19)


John Stringer conducted the premiere of Shu-Yu Lin's Requiem for Beauty with the Chimera Ensemble with Claire Lesser as soloist.

Pansori Recording (01.12.18)


Pansori was recorded for release at St Pauls Hall, University of Huddersfield.  The performers were Ching-han Lin (viola) and Jin Hyung Lim (piano). The recording engineer was Oli Larkin.

Japan Premiere (13.03.19)


Dsiquiet II was given its Japanese Premiere in Tokyo at the Arts Space performed by Rika Zayasu.

Italian Premiere (19.10.18)


Dsiquiet II was given its Italian Premiere in Ascoli at the Teatro V. Basson performed by Joe Houston. .

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